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Portable Clock/Timer

Portable Clock/Timer
(four digit model shown with customer supplied team sign)

Portable Race Clock
(PRC-4 six digit model shown with customer supplied message)


Completely portable.  Intended to be stored away when not in use.

Battery powered.  Use it anywhere, with no wiring or extension cords.  Options are available for AC power, or both battery and AC.

Batteries (AA alkaline, included) will last the entire season in normal use with no charging.

Wireless RF remote control included.

Easy setup at the event.  Unit slips on and off a common 1-1/2" pipe.

Flexible mounting.  Can be pole mounted, wall mounted, tripod mounted, or placed on a tabletop. (See Details)

Super bright high contrast displays have far superior visibility than LEDs and LCDs.

Large area (29" by 7-1/2") on front face available for mounting sponsor sign or team name.

High impact water and dust resistant case.

Size: 30" wide, 16" tall, 3" deep.  Weight: 13 pounds. (four-digit model)

User serviceable.  All components plug in and outProudly made and supported in the USA. 

Displays:  Up to six digits (HH:MM:SS)   Can also be ordered with less digits, for instance three (M:SS) for reduced cost.

Horn: (optional) 108 decibels.  Automatic at end of period.

Timer can be changed to count down or count up.

Unit remembers the last time setting, to allow quickly returning the clock to the same time for each run.

Affordable!   All prices include the RF remote control:
$1120 four-digit   (MM:SS)
$1035 three-digit  (M:SS)

$1225 five-digit  (H:MM:SS)
$1330 six-digit   (HH:MM:SS)
(Five and six digit versions are referred to as the 
PRC-4.  Click here for the page devoted to PRC-4).

Remote Control for Portable Clock/Timer
Remote Control Included
(click for larger picture)


Options:   Click here for all options details and pricing

Vinyl protective slip cover.

Count Up/Count Down.


Preset Time Setting.

Indoor tripod.

Outdoor tripod.

Adapter Sleeve/Tabletop Steady Rest.

AC powered.

Dual Power.

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ScoreTronics scoreboards are proudly made in the USA.

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