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ScoreTronics, Inc. Components Division manufactures and sells the “72” series of electromagnetic indicator “flip dots” that were originated and supplied for many years by the Staver Company (Signalex) in Bay Shore, New York.  This includes the 1872 RFR, 1672 RFR, 1272 RFR, and 972 RFR.

In addition, ScoreTronics now produces two sizes of the Staver "flip digits" (electromagnetic digits), specifically the 402L (4" - 100mm), and the 602L (6" - 150mm)

There are many applications where these displays excel, particularly ones that require high visibility, wide viewing angle, and low power.  Their visibility is outstanding in all lighting conditions including direct sunlight, and is uniform over all viewing angles.  This technology also has the unique characteristic of providing continuous display with ZERO power.

In addition to the high visibility and ultra low power consumption, the movement and sound produced while the display is changing is very eye catching and attention getting.

The flip dot and flip digit products are available from ScoreTronics in both large and small quantities.  The dots are available individually, as well as in 5 x 7 matrix panels.  ScoreTronics also offers electronics packages to drive flip dot displays.

ScoreTronics also has the capability to manufacture complete signs and systems using flip technology, as well as LED technology.  Examples include toll plaza lane signs, gas price signs, ship distance displays, and museum displays.

ScoreTronics is also a leading supplier of portable scoreboards for youth and amateur sports, and is a user of the 72 series flip dots and flip digits in their products.

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